1Our 13 years of experience are specialised only in intellectual property Laws Like Trademark, Copyright, Patent and design so the number and type of matters are limited we undertake so that we can always deliver the best possible service for the clients.
2Some ground-breaking innovators even build up amazing brands in a name owned already by someone else. When they find out that there is a similar company on the record or forum, they fritter away a humungous amount of money in unnecessary litigation procedures and rebranding. IPRinn Associates, a no-nonsense client-centric consulting firm specialized in trademarks registration practice, is a boon to such emerging entrepreneurs, since the company provides the most qualitative services at the most reasonable cost. The Bangalore headquartered company guides its clients with a rare blend of best professional advice and a distinctive personal service according to the client’s needs.
3IPRinn Associates young team of enthusiasts consisting of lawyers, attorneys offer a variety of Trademark, Patent, Copyright and Design registration packages and protecting the registered and unregistered trademarks, Patent, Copyright etc enabling customers to choose according to their needs and budget. The Law Firm also offers value-added service including trademark search, legal opinion, advice about potential conflicting marks, comprehensive search report and response to office actions along with matters relating to Intellectual Property Laws